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    Background Check

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    California Caregiver Training and Certified Nursing Aide School Directory

    Click on a city below to view all Caregiver and C.N.A. Schools and C.H.H.A. Schools in each city. Find complete information about caregiver certification training programs near you.

    Click Here to View Alphabetical Caregiver Training School Directory for California

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    Each state’s Department of Health manages the certification and licensing guidelines for health care workers. All states require certification for nursing aides and some states offer additional certification programs for home health aides and personal care assistants. Please contact the schools directly to verify the information they have provided and to apply for admission.

    Become Professional Caregiver with 8-Hour Online Training Course and Apply for a Caregiving Job Near You

    Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Certified Nursing Aide

    Pittsburg Adult school

    1151 Stoneman Ave.
    Pittsburg, CA 94509
    16 week program for $1,000.00
    • Diploma or G.E.D.
    • Criminal Background Check
    • Drug Test
    • Tuberculosis Skin Test
    • Physical Exam
    • Fingerprint Submission
    • Reading Comprehension Exam
    • English Competency Exam
    • Math Competency Exam
    • Minimum Age of 18

    Contact: (925) 473-4460

    Submit Your School or Program Certification Info to be Included