Caregiving Story

Aileen Doughty, In Memory Of

Location:Livonia, MI
Cared for by:Mary Doughty
Years of Care:2


In 1997, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She was diagnosed with cancer 9 months after her husband, and my father, died of a heart attack. When I heard that my mother wanted me to go back to her home to help her, I immediately quit my job and began caring for her. She was a beautiful women who suffered horribly in the end. I had decided to go back to her home because this was my way of letting her know just how grateful I was for all of the years that she had helped me out. My mother stuck by me throughout the years that I had struggled with many problems. She was the main reason that I got sober in 1992. I was so grateful that she saw me with over 6 1/2 years of sobriety before she died. I think of her every day and miss her, but I know that she is still watching over me because I now have well over 15 years of sobriety. My mother's only wish was to die at home and this was one wish that my siblings refused to allow.

I was very upset when they decided to put her in Hospice. I know that I gave her the best care that I was capable of doing and in the end, I knew that my mother appreciated everything that I did for her. I believe that she is in a better place now and she is no longer suffering from the pain that drained her.

My mother was a very strong-willed person and I knew that she fought her battle with cancer almost to the end. I survived a catastrophic illness 3 1/2 years after she died and I believe that my mother was beside me while I recovered. I knew that she was beside me when I began to relearn how to walk with the aid of prosthetics. I also know that one day, I will once again walk beside both of my parents, knowing that they are still very proud of me. Thank you Mom and Dad!

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