Caregiving Story

Edith Whidden, My Grandma

Location:Bessemer City, NC
Cared for by:Jennifer Buchanan
Years of Care:3


My grandmother has Alzheimer's. She will ask the same question over and over again. It is ok to just answer her as many times as she asks. A lot of people would lose their temper doing this, but I don't mind it a bit. Many days she doesn't know who I am and she will call me by someone else's name. I tell her who I am and explain it to her. For a few minutes she understands and then she starts calling me someone else again.

Some people in my family just agree with her and go on, but I don't lie to her. I explain it to her and try to get her to remember. It just does not bother me. I love her and I enjoy spending time with her. I went over this weekend and she knew me and acted as if nothing was wrong with her. But she does have her bad days. I cook for her and take food over sometimes and she loves it. I also still try to play card games with her and she likes to color.

When you have someone who you have loved all your life and they get sick, it is easy to be there for them. Don't give up--just keep smiling. Why get upset with someone who can't help what they do? As long as I can talk, I will answer my grandmother as many times as she asks the same question over and over again. I love her.

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