Caregiving Story

Marguerite, My Client

Location:Boise , ID
Cared for by:Kim Bullen
Years of Care:2


Back in August of 2006, I was working as a sitter in a hospital setting in Boise. When my boss asked about my desire to work in a home setting, I said "sure". Within 1 week, I was introduced to Marguerite, without knowing the impact she would later have in my life. I did the basics of home health for her, mainly companionship. Over the following months, she went through a lot of caregivers as there were "personality" conflicts. But I continued to be by her side. I teased her a lot, saying that she really looked forward to my arrival seeing that I discovered her weakness was Mcdonald's strawberry milkshakes! As the weeks wore on, her health slowly began to worsen. As my own grandmother passed away when I was a young child, I never really had a "grandma". Although I never referred to her as "grandma" out of respect for her family, I secretly treated her as though she could be. I loved this lady. While working the graveyard shift, Marguerite and I would stay up for hours just talking in the dark and humming whatever tune we could think of. Every night, I looked forward to being with her to see what I could learn from her many years of experience of life. She became my thumb-wrestling buddy and shared stories about her happy and not-so-happy days. My heart broke when on January 6, 2007, she passed away. I am ever grateful for her family allowing me the priviledge of being there along with many other family members..
and from this experience I have since earned my C.N.A., and am going to school part-time for my L.P.N. degree.

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