Caregiving Story

Henry Mitchell, My Sibling

Location:Fort Lauderdale, FL
Cared for by:Shirley Bryant
Years of Care:8


This happened on Thanksgiving Day. My oldest brother came to me and said, "I think I may be HIV positive." I suggested he be tested and also explained that there are medications that can be prescribed to help him with this illness. My brother took my advice, went to the doctor, and got tested. It came back positive for HIV.

This changed everything. I was so devastated, but I could not allow my brother to know how hurt I was. I prayed and asked God for guidance first, then I followed up with my brother to make sure he went to see the doctors. He did and he lived about 20 years with this illness. To make this story short, I promised my brother that I would not abandon him.

I was there when his condition became worse. I had to place him in nursing care and I continued to support him in every way possible.

Two years ago, God called him home. My brother passed and I was the only family member there. I still have a hard time dealing with him being gone. But I know my choice was the correct choice, and since I experienced this journey with my brother, I have a soft spot for people who are sick and disabled.

I thank my brother for the chance to understand why it is so important to help people and be sincere about it, but I miss him very much every day.

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