Caregiving Story

Harold Jones, My Grandpa

Location:Hanford , CA
Cared for by:Renee Coss
Years of Care:1


I am a 35 year old mother of 5, and a licensed pharmacy technician as well as a level II student nurse. During the time that I was attending pharmacy technician school, I cut back on my work hours and this allowed me extra time to study, as well as spend time with my grandparents who are up in age.

I would travel 3 hours one way every other weekend with my children in order to visit with my grandparents and help them with their weekend needs, as they did not have an assistant on Saturdays and Sundays. I would cook, clean, help with medications, and pick up groceries for them. Often I would assist my grandpa in his garden, picking vegetables or simply clearing the path ahead of him when he began using a wheel chair.

My Grandfather and I shared some very special times that summer. He was very proud of me and would tell everyone who would listen about his granddaughter "the druggist". My grandpa died November 6th,2004 and every day I still think of the things we did together. My children still talk about the food items that we purchased and prepared for him when he was sick. I really enjoy elderly people and have great respect for them as well as lots of patience and a heart of compassion.

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