Caregiving Story

Rose Stanley, My "Adopted" Grandparent

Location:Rubidoux, CA
Cared for by:Theresa Moreno
Years of Care:6


I became a caregiver for an agency during the 4th year of my college education. They called me and told me they had my "first" client, Rose Stanley, who lived with her husband, John Stanley. When greeting them it was so pleasant! They were one of the most loving couples I had the opportunity to get to know. I would visit with them Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Where I would do light housekeeping, but mostly enjoy 3 hour conversations with Rose. Rose unfortunately suffered from diabetes, and lymphoma sores on her feet. Whereas John had respiratory problems, including asthma. This required him to drag an oxygen tank with him everywhere he went(still he always managed to keep going). But, despite what they called "minor" problems, they were jolly and free spirited all the time! They were very much still in love, even after 68 years of marriage!! On top of that, Rose dearly loved animals, she loved them so much she had 18 cats of her own!! They lives in her backyard which she turned into a palace. I had the pleasure of assisting Rose for almost 2 years. She would offer me lunch everyday, and allow me to join her while eating. I would even take turns with John while playing the piano. They where 2 old fashioned people, with a modern day kind of love for one another. I left my time with both John and Rose, after having to relocate my home. Although before leaving I had already became her Granddaughter Terry! And she became my Grandmother Rose! I would keep in close contact by phone and visits. About 2 months after my leaving, I was saddened to hear that John had passed. He was under a breathing attack with a change of his medication in his oxygen tank. After the burial, Rose found a canvas painting of her in her younger youth, beneath the bed. John always loved to paint, but Rose claimed in all their years together, she had never seen him paint one of her. Looks like John was saving it for the right time. She was an awe. It was, and still is, such a devastating loss for Rose, but she is one of the strongest little ladies I have had the pleasure of knowing. I focus on calling her through the week and seeing her on Sundays. We have a great love for each other and I am thankful. Until this day she is still smiling, while I am certain John above, is too... In Loving memory of John Stanley..

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