Caregiving Story

my husband, Viola Spolin, Mrs Stern, My Spouse

Age:70 & 80s
Location:Los Angeles, Ca, CA
Cared for by:yolande de renesse
Years of Care:4


MY husband developed prostrate cancer in 2004 and died six months later, just before his 76th birthday. He died at home with the help of myself and hospice care. They commented on my ability to nurture and care for the dying.

Then my neighbor, Viola Spolin, had a stroke and lived for another two years before passing. She never fully recovered and needed assistant for bathing, meals and general daily assistance. I did this for two years in 1989.

Mrs. Stern was 87-years-old and was living at home alone after her husband died but needed help with meals and general chores. My mother was employed by her family for several years until she herself went into the hospital and I replaced her. I would often fill in for my mother when she was unable to work and eventually took over the position until Mrs. Stern was placed in an assisted living environment after breaking her hip and gave up her will to live.
I continue to seek the fulfilling work of caregiving.

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