Caregiving Story

Joe Bowling, My Grandpa

Location:Georgetown , OH
Cared for by:Alesha White
Years of Care:2


Joe was my grandfather. I loved him dearly and would trade anything in the world to have him back. He passed away of C.O.P.D.. For those who don't understand what this is, it isa a disease that smokers catch. It attacks your heart and lungs and makes for a very sad situation. I am 20-years-old, and my grandfather had 7 children. When there was controversy on who would care for him, I was the first to step up and care for him. Others may see it as a bad thing to watch someone get worse by the day, (which it is), But when you think about it, you are helping them, and making their last days how they wanted it. Being a teenager, it was a very hard thing to do but when he passed I knew that I did everything in my power to make his life as best as possible.

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