Caregiving Story

George Martinez, My Dad

Location:Compton, CA
Cared for by:Rosalinda Martinez
Years of Care:20


My Father is my Hero, he has raised 6 kids on his own but never kept us from our Mother. He served the role of both parents to us due to my Mom's mental health problems. My father taught us the ways of life and I took care of him throughout my years untll he retired in 2006. He sold his home in Compton and moved to the Valley and became ill. He had many strokes along with open heart surgery, diabetes, heart attacks & dialysis but always kept a smile...My Father was a family man who gave many birthday parties, barbecue's or just dinner at home, movies and family time was a must. Oh, and we always ate at the dinner table. R.I.P GEORGE O MARTINEZ 09/16/ will Live through ME :)

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