Caregiving Story

Beatrice, My Grandma

Location:Spencer, MA
Cared for by:Kristin Howard
Years of Care:2


Growing up, I considered my grandma my best friend. She was the most giving, caring, genuine person I know I will ever meet. She was a permanent fixture in my life that I thought would always be there.

When my grandma entered her last year of life I knew that this was not the case. I also knew without question that I would be there for her, just as she was always there for me.

I brought her her favorite foods and made sure she was never cold. We watched our favorite shows together and laughed like we always did. She had an amazing attitude and accepted this natural part of life. I spent every day of her last few weeks with her and while I would put her socks on or help her wash she would say, "Oh hon, I know you must have something else you have to do." I looked at her and I said, "Gram there is absolutely no place else I would rather be."

She never thought of herself, just the comfort of others. The elders in our families deserve nothing less than our full devotion to providing the best care we can, and there is nothing more rewarding. On the day my grandma past away I knew I had provided that for her.

Caregiving is a difficult yet rewarding, wonderful experience because these are people that raised families, had careers, and lived long lives and deserve nothing short of the best.

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