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10 Ways to Say "Thank You" to C.N.A.'s During National Nurse Assistant's Week

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10 Ways to Say "Thank You" to C.N.A.'s During National Nurse Assistant's Week

Julie Northcutt


Nursing assistants are key players in the lives of the seniors in their care.  In observance of Nurse Assistant's Week and Career Nurse Assistant's Day, here are 10 ways to recognize nursing assistants you are working with or who work for your senior care company.

The nationwide observance of Nursing Assistant’s Week provides many opportunities to recognize and validate the role of the nursing assistant in the health care system. Public recognition of nursing assistants provides a valuable service, not only for making nursing assistants more visible, but also, to lessen the concern by family members when a loved one is in need of special care.

The annual observance of Nurse Assistants’ Week and Career Nurse Assistants’ Day is a special time to celebrate and recognize the efforts of the Nurse Assistant in long-term care services.


  1. Display photos of your Certified Nursing Assistants with notes about favorite foods, hobbies or families.
  2. Plan an awards ceremony and invite your mayor and local and state legislators.
  3. Conduct a Poster Contest or Essay Contest about Teamwork.
  4. Select teams of nursing assistants to conduct Daily Dialogues during the 8 days of National Nursing Assistants’ Week.
  5. Create a poster consisting of “thank you” notes from family members and staff. Include pictures of your nurse assistants. When complete, enlarge your poster to 5X8 feet and post it in a prominent place.
  6. Provide computer training for nursing assistants and encourage them to connect with resources and nursing assistant groups in other areas.
  7. Ask C.N.A.'s to write and star in a video about your senior home care agency, nursing home, assisted living community, hospital or hospice.
  8. Enroll eligible Career Nurse Assistants as members in the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants or the National Twenty Year Club.
  9. Convene a Council or Chapter of the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants in your facility or area.
  10. Conduct a special project during Nursing Assistant's Week. Give your C.N.A.'s the responsibility, authority and guidelines for planning.


THe National Network of Career Nursing Assistants sponsors National Nursing Assistant's Week and highlights how nursing assistants are the "heart of care" and need our support, encouragement and respect.

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