Ask The Expert: My mother lives at a nursing home. What can I do to get a housing opportunity to bring my mom back home and be her primary caregiver?

posted by: Ben A. Neiburger Elder Law Attorney

If you can care for your mother unaided and you are her agent under a power of attorney (or if your mother is mentally competent and consents to it), you can move her home and be her primary caregiver. However, if you want Medicaid to finance that and pay you to do that, it may be difficult. The answer to your question depends on the laws of the state in which you reside.
You can begin by referencing our State Listing of Senior Services and Resources.      

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Posted by:Coralee

12/19/2011 7:26:09 AM

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Posted by:Bubby

10/11/2011 7:30:48 PM

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Posted by:shauna evans

9/11/2011 7:46:50 PM

my sister in law has taken care of 6 terminal patients. She is caring for a stroke victim and sued the womans family to be in control of her estate. I have some real concerns now that my father is dying and my mother has alzheimers. I am medical poa and my sister financial poa. How do we protect ourselves from possible lawsuit from brother and his wife?

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