Ask The Expert: I suspect my elderly mother's son of financial abuse. He has "borrowed" thousands of dollars without repaying. How can we recover some of her money?

posted by: Ben A. Neiburger Elder Law Attorney

The answer to your question depends on your local state law. What you might do is report this person to your local elder abuse agency. If they find evidence of financial abuse, they may go after the individual. Your mother can also file a civil suit for conversion, but unfortunately, these suits are difficult to win.

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Posted by:Marilyn Madden

7/21/2013 4:27:14 PM

My son (a doctor) asked me what nursing home I wanted to go to if his dad died. Ofcourse, it made me angry and I told him I would sue him if he tried. I am 65, mentally and physically capable of taking care of my self. I think he's angry that all money is being left to me. Can I sue him?

Posted by:Tawny

9/11/2012 4:42:38 AM

I feel for you as I am dealing with the exact same situation, except for the guy is my boyfriend and the elderly man is his own grandfather. Iv lived with them both for the last year. My boyfriend is the caregiver, entrusted with access to back accounts to make purchases for the home and such, due to grandpa being in a wheel chair. Although grandpa still runs his antique shop 5 days a week he doesn't drive. I didn't notice at first that money was being taken, because it was never at a ATM. I realized it was when he was shopping, like Walmart, and getting as much cash back as he could! Each time, sometime several times a day. Over the last year Iv estimated around 20,000 dollars, last month being 6,400 alone! I feel horrible for this man and tell my boyfriend daily that he needs to stop but a serious drug addiction has over powered his ability to control himself. It's led to countless fights between us, and this morning I walked in on him with a needle in his foot! It started a fight and I was hit in the face, so as of 10am this morning I have moved out! Now what do I do about his grandfather left in this mans care? I'm so confused...

Posted by:david l. sheets

9/17/2009 4:59:47 PM

Not a son, a grandson(my son). A drug addict, procleaiming love and sometimes demanding money. Business ventures that are not there. never repaying her loans that he badgered her for. On felony probation in 2 counties and violating countlessly. To no dissaplin by the courts. Just to go back and badger this 84 year old woman for more. Now that she has no more money, he is gone. Where is the justice for ruch a crime against the elderly. I have back in Ohio for 2 1/2 years and can get her to quit giving him money or make him stop. Matter of fact I went to jail because she did what he told her to. Lie and get me charged with Domestic Violence for getting beat up for telling him to get out of my mother's purse. He is a drug dealer, drug addict and as he told me, a killer for hire. Name William D. Sheets II, doing business as Sheets and Associates. Violent offender toward wife and child. Morrow County, OH Probation violations with no dissaplin. Delaware County, OH probation, the same. Sunbury, OH muniple courts convictions of theft, no dissaplin. Where does this stop. He has taken my mother for all her moneys, over $100,000.00 within the last year. HELP STOP THIS PREDITOR DL Sheets

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