Ask The Expert: What is long term care insurance (LTCi)?

posted by: Chris Lynch MBA, CLTC, LTCP

Long term care insurance helps families and individuals by providing money to pay for the costs of long term care.  Long term care insurance pays for services not generally covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.


Individuals who receive long term care tend not to be sick in the traditional sense.  They do, however, need assistance in performing the basic activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, eating, toileting, getting in or out of a bed or a chair and walking.


Long term care isn’t always long term.  Sometimes a person may need care for just a few months to recover from surgery or an illness. As individuals age, there is an increased risk of needing long term care.  Age alone is not the determining factor in needing long term care.  Once a health condition occurs, long term care insurance may not be available. 

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Posted by:Smr

4/13/2012 3:46:58 PM

I am a Boston-area medical sutednt and regular reader of a Healthy Blog. I read the blog consistently because I feel that it reports on important issues, and while I do not always agree with the opinions expressed, I am open to the points of view expressed herein.However, I feel that there is, at times, an undertone of animosity and distrust of the health care community, particularly physicians, in the posts. As a future physician, this is disheartening. Health care, like any industry, is marred by instances of poor quality, excess and the like. Yet, there is also an immense amount of good that goes on everyday within health care. Lives are saved, patients are cured and prevention is achieved.“What Doctors Can Learn from Pilots” points out the utility of checklists in medicine, and rightly so. I'm not naive to these issues, as I'm also earning my MBA in conjunction with my MD. The business teachings that I am exposed to are entirely in line with the goals of cost-containment, efficiency and improved quality. However, I don't believe that the lack of such things in health care necessitates an underlying tone of blame towards a particular group (physicians). Health care delivery is carried out in an increasingly complex system that constrains providers in many ways and does not necessarily allow for the type of high quality, efficient care that we would all would like to see achieved. While pointing out ways to improve the system is necessary and needed for improvement sake, it might be done in a manner more reflective of the complexities within which providers work.I will remain a loyal reader, but as a medical sutednt it would be nice to see a post concerning the good' that is happening in the medical field. I see this good when working with patients; I also see the many inefficiencies of the system that are addressed by this blog. So, while in agreement with many of the opinions expressed herein, I also feel that what is right with the system is undere

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