Training Modules

  • Caregiver Job Responsibilities and Protocol
  • Senior Caregiver Job Description
  • Communication Skills
  • CARE PLAN and Care Plan Notes and Activities
  • Personal Care and Toileting
  • Adaptive Equipment for Transfers (Gait Belts and Lifts)
  • Basic Hygiene and Basic Infection Control
  • Maintaining a Clean, Safe and Healthy Environment
  • Basic Personal and Environmental Safety Precautions
  • Emergency Procedures, Including Basic First Aid and Client’s Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Confidentiality of Client Personal, Financial and Health Information HIPAA
  • Understanding Abuse and Neglect
  • Bonus Section: Stroke Care


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Professional Caregiver Resume Guide

How to Write a Resume as a Senior Caregiver 

Free Resume Builder Tools

Senior care positions always require a caregiver to complete each senior care company’s custom caregiver job application, because of the professional liability insurance requirements in the industry.  But professional senior caregivers should always take the time to create a professional resume in order to score the best positions with the top companies.  You will be hired ahead of caregivers who do not submit a resume with their job application.  Writing a resume is quick and easy.

Access Caregiverlist’s Resume Writing and Building Tools

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Free Resume Writer:       Build Your Resume Now 

(just takes 10 to 20 Minutes)


Then attach your resume to your Caregiver Job Application

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Why Caregiver Job Applicants Should Create a Caregiver Resume:

  • Shows Your Professionalism

  • Provides Documentation of Work History to Match to Job Application

  • Showcases Your Personality

  • Delivers a Quick Glance of Your Top Skills to Hiring Managers

Caregiverlist was created by senior care professionals who hired more than 500 professional senior caregivers.  A caregiver resume will definitely make your job application stand out. Remember, senior care differs from many other careers because each senior you care for has a different personality and life story.

High quality caregivers understand the need to develop a resume which allows senior care employers to see beyond the data plugged into a job application.

Remember, many job hiring portals allow employers to filter by:

  • Only Job Applicants with Resume Attached

You may want to take online caregiver training and become a certified caregiver before you build your resume:  Learn More