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Each state's Dept. of Health regulates training certification. C.N.A.'s must have a minimum of 75 hours of training and some states require more hours. C.N.A.'s must pass a state exam for certification. Professional caregivers also must meet state training requirements and may take online caregiver training.

Learn about Arizona's Certified Nursing Aide testing guidelines, including the exam schedule, test locations, sample questions and application form, from Headmaster, the administrator of the state’s nursing certification exams.

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The CareGiver Training Institute

1940 E. Silverlake Road
Suite 402
Tucson , AZ 85713
6 week program for $1,110.00
  • Students must be over 17 years of age High School diploma or GED is recommended 7th Grade reading level recommended Negative TB skin test or chest x-ray CPR training (Healthcare Provider level) Must have filed for DPS Fingerprint clearance card (Level 1) Must be able to lift
  • push
  • or pull 50 pounds Reliable transportation (Important) Commitment to attend all classes

Contact: or (520) 325-4870

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