Caregiving Story


Location:raleigh, NC
Cared for by:shirley mwaura
Years of Care:10


This is for my mom. She was the most important thing in my life. We were always together and with her passing I feel a void that I can't feel. I have been a caregiver for a longtime and I get joy when I help people who can't help themselves. My mother had Breast cancer that spread to her liver. She fought for her life. She made me strong to accept the things that we cannot change. I will never forget the day that she left me. I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Before she died she made me promise her that I would become a nurse so that I can help others in need. So I finally got my certificate on Friday. I did this because I made her that promise. I feel her there when I am helping people. That is where I feel at peace. I miss her so much but I know that she is there with me in everything I do. I love and miss you mom. So if there is anyone out there who is dealing with what I had to deal with, Hang in there and let them know each and every day that you love them no matter how bad it hurts. You have to be strong not only for yourself but for them also. If you don't you will not have peace or feel free and it will eat you up on the inside. This is my story. May God Bless You and keep You, Shirley

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