Caregiving Story

Mary Rivard, My Client

Age:86 years
Location:Sarasota, FL
Cared for by:Deisy Hays
Years of Care:2


I took care of Mrs. Mary Rivard for 2 years.

I had to get her up, bathe her, dress her, feed her and gave her company in her house throughout the day. She had suffered a stroke and she couldn't walk any more. She used a wheelchair. She needed me to prevent falls. On occasions when she needed to go to the doctor or shopping, I was there with her. I have skills doing hair and nails, and sometimes we did that together. She lived with her husband who was 92 years old. She passed away in May 2004. Her husband is still alive and 99 years old. She had two daughters. We are friends and hear from each other often.

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