Caregiving Story

Rose Vecchione, My "Adopted" Grandparent

Location:Chicago, IL
Cared for by:Ben Limon
Years of Care:12


To champion the quality of life for all seniors is the reward I have been given as a CNA. Rose welcomed me into her life with such gusto and celebration; I met her at 93 and I shall never be the same individual I was before I began my career in healthcare. CNAs of course have, the necessity of assisting people with the activities of daily livin,g but there are also all the intangible aspects that are not listed on any paycheck.

The dignity, spirit and freedom of choice she exhibited on a daily basis has given me the strength I will have when I reach the tender, innocent and beautiful age of 97. The warmth of her heart, and the joy her stories brought to me, encourage me whenever I am feeling poorly. She has shown me that by celebrating your individuality, keeping your spirit nurtured, and involving friends and family is your life's mission. We all should have a sacred value of human life and remember that you can find passion and joy in service and give and receive respect and trust. "Grandma Rose" physically left us February 6, 2005, but the charisma and glow that surrounded her will be with us forever.

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