Caregiving Story

Mrs. Sara McIntire, My Dear Friend

Location:Debary, FL
Cared for by:Nena MacLarty
Years of Care:2


I used to work with Sara for a couple of years. I noticed that she wasn't coming to work so I stopped by to see her and she wasn't well. She had had surgery on her knee and her foot. In the meantime, I was going through a divorce and had to quit my job. It was a stressful time for me. Sara asked if I could help her and her husband, and I did. I took them to their appointments, gave them their meds, cleaned their house, and helped with their finances.

Then her husband Merle was told he had lung cancer. He had to start chemo and radiation and he passed away on 9/6/07. Sara was very depressed. She developed an infection around her spine and had to have I.V. medications every day. The nurse showed me how to do it and I gave them to her. Today I still help Sara.

I also have a 90 year old grandmother that I take care of too. She does very well for her age. I make sure I put her meds in her weekly pill box and I take her to her appointments.

I really love taking care of people.

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