Caregiving Story

Frances Ashurst, My Grandma

Location:Hemet, CA
Cared for by:Ryan Erskine
Years of Care:1


My Grandmother's condition had been getting progressively worse since 2006. She was increasingly losing her ability to take care of herself. She had experienced multiple strokes throughout 2007, and after being hospitalized for a severe kidney infection in early 2008, she was almost entirely disabled and immobile. She was diagnosed with a case of temperary dementia, but was expected to make a partial recovery.
After the completion of my academic semester, in June, 2008, I willfully moved to my Grandmother's house to provide help and support to my father who had been there all the time. My father had major responsibilities of his own to attend to, as does any typical American adult, and couldn't afford to be grandmother's primary caregiver. Thus, I became grandmother's primary caregiver.
I felt, (and still do feel), like I possessed the essential qualities of a care provider. I have a extraordinarily caring nature, and my personal lifestyle is of good health, good will, and compassion. My responsibilities included: meal preparation, running errands, transporting her about, preventing falls, medicine administration, and typical household chores. Of these responsibilities, I took particular pride and interest in preparing meals, as I am conscious of the relationship between bodily and mental health- one only gets out of their body what one puts into it. Additionally, I am a vegan health food chef, for my self, and incorporate vegetables that I have grown into my meals.
I also thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend spare time with my grandmother. When unoccupied by routine responsibilities, my grandmother and I had much fun! We: drew, (as we are both artists), read (novels, newspapers, etc.), played games (scrabble, pictionary), went for short walks, and I took her on a few scenic drives.
Genuinely, I feel I truly know the kind of care people need. I probably get more enjoyment out of care-giving than do the ones receiving, I just love to provide personal care as a Caregiver for seniors.

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