Caregiving Story

Celia McTague Pomerantz, My Mom

Location:New Milford, CT
Cared for by:Celia Pomerantz
Years of Care:4


I was my mother's caregiver to Alzheimer's and the the experience effected me so deeply that I wrote a book about my journey called: Alzheimer's: A Mother Daughter Journey.

Music, especially salsa music, played a huge role in our journey. My mother lost herself –something that of course Alzheimer’s had already done for her. But unlike losing herself to a disease, she lost herself on her own terms, her own beat, her own rhythm. When she danced, she was connected to the air, the ground, the people around her, the energy that she felt. She was no longer a victim of Alzheimer’s. She was a Latina giving life to the music that she heard. Who was in charge? She was, not Alzheimer’s.

Attached are 2 photos. The one the left is circa 1965 and my mother is leading. The one on the right is circa 2009 and I’m leading. Music helped anchor us and kept us connected so we could share joy, even when language had virtually disappeared.

Celia Pomerantz
Author/Photographer of Alzheimer's: A Mother Daughter Journey

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