Caregiving Story

William E. Buchanan, My Dad

Location:Southgate, MI
Cared for by:Andrea Buchanan
Years of Care:10


My father, who was not quite a senior citizen, had been battling Multiple Sclerosis for ten years before he passed away one year ago. I was the primary caregiver at home before he went into a nursing home, where I visited him every single day. I feel that I am very experienced in not only assisting people with the daily physical battles that senior citizens and those with debilitating diseases face, but the emotional battles that they have to constantly fight as well.

In addition to caring for my father for so long, I also lived with my eighty-six year old grandmother who was battling Alzheimer's for many years. This included giving her baths, feeding her, keeping her entertained, and just emotionally and physically being there for her through her daily struggles in life.

Not only did I care for those two loved ones in my life, my mother is also currently battling a new lifestyle after surviving a burst brain aneurysm. Facing many medical difficulties that are attributed to the burst, she now experiences seizures, black-outs, forgetfulness, and helplessness during many of her daily activities.

I feel that even though I have no actual work experience in the field, my experience with nursing homes, and caring for the sick and elderly will make me a prime candidate for any position that is offered to me. I would love to know each day that I am contributing to a better quality of life for senior citizens and those with disabilities.

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