Caregiving Story

Beulah, My Dear Friend

Location:Holdrege, NE
Cared for by:Holli Graf
Years of Care:7


Beulah was my first "private one-on-one" client. She lived in a nursing home facility and I would go there to help her. I would be there every morning tell her "Goodmorning" when she woke up. She was kind of a tough one at first, very independent & bullheaded. But I had my special ways of breaking through those barriers. After spending many hours, several days with Beulah, she became more than just my client. She became my special friend & her family became very close friends. I could look her in the eyes every day see that special twinkle in hers that let me know she was happy with me being there for her. Before I left each day I would always give her a hug & tell her I would see her in the morning and let her see the big smile on my face from being able to be there. In my last few days with Beulah, our days ended with a big hug & a "love you". We had a special friendship, trusting bond, between the two of us & her family treated me like I was their own family. I was very sad when Beulah passed on but I knew in my heart she was in a good place & she would never forget me. I will miss her deeply & I will never forget her. She will always have a special place in my heart! Her family has now become my close frinds/family & we stay in touch all the time! If given the chance, even with all the stubbornness, YES I WOULD DEFINETLY DO IT AGAIN WITH HER!! Thank You Beulah for letting me into your life & experiencing a great special friendship with you! I love you! R.I.P 'lil Lady

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