Caregiving Story

Charles and Hanna, My Client

Location:Lakewood, NJ
Cared for by:Mila Crisologo
Years of Care:4


My journey with my Orthodox Jewish couple begins on August 2010 until November of 2014. This couple has no children of their own. I am their live-in caregiver and it has been my joy in helping them in their home. Most of the time I helped the husband in walking, bathing, grooming, preparing food and medication reminders. My first year of working for them the wife did not need caregiving but after that they both needed assistance. I could not imagine how I was able to do all the tasks at home but by Gods grace I was able to make it. I learned a lot about their culture and practices. I learned their Yiddish, French, Polish language too, being a caregiver I love to learn everyday. They also learned about my culture as a Filipino. Later on, while working with them they developed dementia and it required around-the-clock caregiving. In my last year of working with them, they became indifferent but still I was able to manage my work. Medical providers would come to visit, from podiatrists, occupational and physical therapists, a social worker and food nutritionist came and many more. I assisted and updated all of them on their care status. One thing I like is that Charles is prayerful even while he has dementia.He still loves to go to the synagogue with his wife and me. I love this couple and am grateful to be their caregiver.I pray that God would bless them in their aged life now.

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