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Congratulations to Refer-a-Friend Winner Johnetta Duckworth

Congratulations to Refer-a-Friend Job Application Winner week of  August 26, 2013: Johnetta Duckworth from Compton, CA.

Congratulations to Caregiver Johnetta Duckworth winner of a free t-shirt, lapel pin and monthly Grand Prize - Scrub of the Month courtesy of Scrubs Magazine.

Becoming a Senior Caregiver: What led Johnetta to a career in caregiving?

What led you to begin a career in caregiving?  I began caregiving by watching my mother which is a C.N.A. One day she was called in at the last minute and her team assistant wasn't there to help, so I had to help her. It was the most enjoyable experience ever and at the time I was 15 years old and I felt that was my calling.

What is one of your most memorable caregiving experiences?  My last client was a resent amputee to both lower legs. When I got to her all she did was cry. I finally got through to her and let her know that she has  fighting for a chance to walk again. We stabilized her blood sugar (she was diabetic, with high blood pressure.) Now, less than one year later she is up and walking with custom limbs and doing everything for herself. She said she went from feeling lower than low, to feeling like she can return to work.

How many years have you been a caregiver?I have been in caregiving for 11 years.

What has being a caregiver taught you?  Cargiving has taught me, that one day we all will need someone at sometime,  so I should be nice to others.

How do you manage the stress that comes with caregiving? I manage stress by getting a massage and going to go swim twice a week and spending time with my children watching a movie at home with popcorn - it makes it all worth it.

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