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Congratulations to Refer-a-Friend Winner Laura C. Martínez

Congratulations to Refer-a-Friend Job Application Winner week of October 21, 2013: Laura C. Martinez from Miami, FL.

Congratulations to Caregiver Laura C. Martinez winner of a free t-shirt, lapel pin and 10-hour online caregiver training program as a member of the Professional Association of Caregivers.

Becoming a Senior Caregiver: What led Laura to a career in caregiving?

What led you to begin a career in caregiving? In my country actually I was a nurse, but in the United States I work as a caregiver. 

How many years have you been a caregiver? I have been a nurse for 8 years, and a caregiver for 4 months.

What has being a caregiver taught you? Everyday that I provide care to my patients, I enjoy my duties, and work with my coworkers, and managers well. 

How do you manage the stress that comes with caregiving? I manage my stress by smiling, and take time to listen to the people, and be a blessing in their lives. 

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