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Congratulations to Refer-a-Friend Winner Tanesha Cullivan

Congratulations to Refer-a-Friend Job Application Winner week of  November 24, 2013: Tanesha Cullivan from Marksville, LA.

Congratulations to Caregiver Tanesha Cullivan winner of monthly Grand Prize - Scrub of the Month courtesy of Scrubs Magazine.

Becoming a Senior Caregiver: What led Tanesha to a career in caregiving?

What led you to begin a career in caregiving? I was led to be a Caregiver  was when my son was diagnosed of being autistic.

How many years have you been a caregiver? I have been a caregiver for 8 years since the birth of my son, but I’ve been in the profession for 2 1/2 years.

What is one of your most memorable caregiving experiences? My most memorable Caregiving experience would be seeing the smiles on my clients faces’ and feeling proud of myself at the end of the day.

What has caregiving taught you? Caregiving has taught my that it is more “Blessed to give than to receive!

How do you manage stress that comes with caregiving? There is no  easy way to managing the stress that comes with Caregiving, but always remember that are of your body language and attitude. Note: These are the two most important things that reflects your image of becoming a good Caregiver because your client could see you and could sense your reactions.

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