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Please Meet our Caregiver Winners - We Profile a Caregiver Each Week

This Week's Refer a Friend Winner; Kryssa Baker

Congratulations to This Week’s Refer-A-Friend Winner: Kryssa Baker


Kryssa wanted to become a certified caregiver because she was already within the Medical Field. In addition, she has watched family members go through a variety of different health issues, and has always found it rewarding to assist them, as well as prior patients and clients reach goals that they never thought they would be able to reach. Kryssa also became a caregiver so can build special relationships; relationships which last a lifetime. She finds peace in helping others!


She became a Personal Care Provider/Caregiver in 2011 while attending College, in order to get her first step in the door into the medical field.


What she enjoys most about being a caregiver is helping the elderly be independent again.


Kryssa’s tip on dealing with "caregiving stress", is to breathe, take a step back, and re-evaluate the situation that you are in, and find a different way to approach it. The key is to have patience and a support system.


She believes the top reward to caregiving is that you are the person that is helping your client deal with the situation, in which they may find degrading, and embarrassing. In reality, nobody wants to have to rely on someone else to do the things; such as daily living activities. The truth is... Everyone, at some point in life, will need someone to assist them in one way or the other, and nobody should have to do it alone, or feel embarrassed or ashamed for their predicament.


People become caregivers for a variety of different reasons. Kryssa became a caregiver because of family health issues, and because she wanted to be the one to care for them because it’s her family, and who better take care of them than her and she has a close relationship with them.


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