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This is a collection of caregiving story submissions from our readers. Caregiving demands physical, mental and emotional stamina and the ability to meet new challenges daily. Both Family Caregivers and Professional Caregivers are able to find support by sharing their experiences with other Caregivers. We invite you to inspire others by sharing stories about your caregiving journey.
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Barbarra Anne Cooper Cared for by Joycelyn Lopez of Miami, FL

I have to take care of an elderly person who is 84 years old. It has been a wonderful experience. Everyday I help her take a bath and get ready. Also, I prepare her meals and make sure she takes her medicine and her Ensure. I weigh her every week to make sure she is maintaining her weight. I take her to the beauty salon and to do other errands. I give her companionship (we watch TV, talk, read and listen to music). I am always making sure she is happy because when I first began working with h...

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My Mom zulma sherman

Cared for by Ms. pamela sherman of pompano beach, FL
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In Memory Of Jerry

Cared for by Mrs. Jerold Cohen of Los angeles, CA

My Grandma Helen

Cared for by Mrs. Sandra Rosson of Huntington Beach, CA, , CA
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In Memory Of Aileen Doughty

Cared for by Ms. Mary Doughty of Livonia, MI

In Memory Of Timothy Stickland

Cared for by Mrs. Linda Gordon of Wilmington, DE

My Client Mary Simon

Cared for by Ms. Paulette Nesbitt of Cleveland, OH

My Client Mr. Leslie Maltsberger

Cared for by Mrs. Crystal Martinez of San Antonio, TX

My Sibling Rickey Streets

Cared for by Mr. Robert Streets of Lakeland, FL
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My Client Mr & Mrs. Smith

Cared for by Ms. Hephzibah-Ene Anderson of Tulsa, OK

My Spouse

Cared for by Mrs. Debbie Miller of Fort Lauderdale, FL
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