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This is a collection of caregiving story submissions from our readers. Caregiving demands physical, mental and emotional stamina and the ability to meet new challenges daily. Both Family Caregivers and Professional Caregivers are able to find support by sharing their experiences with other Caregivers. We invite you to inspire others by sharing stories about your caregiving journey.
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Celia McTague Pomerantz Cared for by Celia Pomerantz of New Milford, CT

I was my mother's caregiver to Alzheimer's and the the experience effected me so deeply that I wrote a book about my journey called: Alzheimer's: A Mother Daughter Journey. Music, especially salsa music, played a huge role in our journey. My mother lost herself –something that of course Alzheimer’s had already done for her. But unlike losing herself to a disease, she lost herself on her own terms, her own beat, her own rhythm. When she danced, she was connected to the air, the ground, the p...

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My Client Marguerite

Cared for by Mrs. Kim Bullen of Boise , ID

My Grandma Viola Golden

Cared for by Ms. Pam Ward of Scottsboro, AL

In Memory Of Mr. Mahoney

Cared for by Ms. Allison Gonsalves of Cape Canaval, FL
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In Memory Of with held

Cared for by Ms. Millaneta Limaila of National City, CA
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In Memory Of Mrs. Pearl

Cared for by Mrs. Lee Johnson of Nashville, TN


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My Grandma In Nurse Home

Cared for by Mrs. Samara Taylor of chicago, IL
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In Memory Of Tom Ricci, Father

Cared for by Mrs. Nicki Ramos of San Diego, CA
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My Grandma Allan Forster

Cared for by Mr. Luke Forster of Toronto, ON
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My Client Bill K

Cared for by Mrs. Mila Crisologo of Colts Neck , NJ