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Clinical trials are required for all FDA-approved drugs, and as new medications and therapies are constantly being introduced, participants are always needed for these trials.

Seniors and their caregivers who participate in clinical trials have access to top medical doctors and the newest treatments at no cost. Sometimes seniors and their caregivers are paid to participate in a clinical trial study. An additional benefit is the ability to receive a new medication that will possibly improve the senior’s medical conditions.

Clinical trial lengths vary along with the requirements for participants.

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Observations on Clinical Trials

By Samantha Franklin, Caregiverlist Chicago Lights Summer Intern

  • Enrollment Deadlines Often are Unavailable
  • Many Details May be Required to Qualify
  • Sometimes a Caregiver or Significant Other Must Accompany the Senior
  • Sometimes No Other Participants or Visitors are Allowed to Accompany the Senior
  • Age Requirements May Exist
  • Medical Diagnosis Often Must be Qualified by the Study for Acceptance