Ask The Expert: What should I look for when selecting a Senior Home Care Agency to help a loved one?

posted by: Keith Shevlin Founder & President, Pinnacle Senior Home Care, Monthly Agency Guest Expert

There are several things to be aware of when going through the selection process of a Senior Home Care Agency for a friend or family member.  Here are three items worth considering:

First, You should get an idea of the Agency’s hiring and screening process for its Caregivers. Are the Caregivers bonded and insured?  Are reference and criminal background checks performed?  Are the caregivers evaluated on their level of competency and performance? 

Second, How accessible and attentive is the agency?  Is the agency available 24-hours a day so an issue can be addressed after business hours and/or on weekends?  The customer service component is critical when working with a homecare provider as sometimes emergencies or a need for a scheduling change may occur after hours.  The client- agency relationship typically entails a tremendous amount of communication.  Therefore, accessibility to someone familiar with your client situation is very important.

Third, What are your contractual obligations when selecting a homecare provider?  Typically, a Senior Home Care Agency should not lock you into a long-term agreement as if you were purchasing a cell phone or leasing a car.  My advice would be to not work with a provider that does.  Many providers request a 48-hour cancellation notice.  This is designed to have an opportunity to re-assign their personnel.  Agencies should be held accountable to a high standard of service without having you locked into a long-term agreement.  Remember, they should be working for you, not the other way around.

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Posted by:Irma Peña

8/30/2011 11:43:03 AM

Good morning. Do you have an office in San Diego, CA where I can apply for a part time or full time job in adult and eldery care, also special needs. I can fax you my resume. I live in Mexico and can work legally in the US. Please and thank you.

Posted by:ma.teresa fernandez

9/20/2010 11:32:35 PM

how to apply as a care giver.and what is your complete reguierments as a care giver.

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