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We, at Caregiverlist, know how frustrating it can be when you are searching for answers to senior care needs. You need and want information from someone who really knows the score. We have brought together a team of experts whom we’ve known first hand for the past 6 years as professionals in the senior care industry. We are now bringing their answers to the most popular questions from their professional experience to you in the hopes that you can also benefit from their knowledge.

Assisted Living Expert

Lisa Sneddon Lisa Sneddon Founder & President, Senior Living Experts Lisa is the founder of Senior Living Experts,a free referral service that connects families and seniors with the best-in-class senior providers. Providers include retirement communities and assisted living facilities. Previous experience includes serving as the Director of Community Relations for Sunrise Assisted Living. Lisa has been the co-chair for the Chicago Memory Walk (Alzheimer’s Association) for the past three years. She also recently finished a program in Geriatric Assessment and serves on the board for the local chapter of the Illinois Continuity of Care.

Elder Law Expert

Ben A. Neiburger Ben A. Neiburger Elder Law Attorney Ben Neiburger, JD, CPA, is a recognized and respected attorney in the areas of Elder Law, Estate Planning and Medicaid Planning, which includes expertise in Special Needs Trusts and Tax Planning. Recently named a 2007 “Super Lawyer” in Elder Law by Law & Politics and the publishers of Chicago magazine, Ben is in continuous pursuit of knowledge and insight to the laws and finances that affect our families and senior citizens. Do-it-yourself Last Will and Testament

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Long Term Care Expert

Chris Lynch Chris Lynch MBA, CLTC, LTCP Chris has been involved with long term care for more than 16 years - first, as a caregiver for family members, then as an insurance agent specializing in long term care insurance. After first hand knowledge of experiencing the costs of care - financial as well as physical and emotional, Chris decided to devote his career to protecting individuals and families. He is an industry expert specializing in long term care insurance and recognized as one of the top 100 producers in the country. Chris has completed rigorous training in the latest products and programs to provide plans for individuals, families and businesses. He is passionate about his career and loves to help people sort through the various aspects of this important protection. Chris lives with his family in the San Francisco bay area and has clients throughout the state and the US.

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Reverse Mortgage Expert

Mark Schmidt Mark Schmidt Reverse Mortgage Specialist (773) 504-9633 Mark Schmidt, MBA, CSA is a Reverse Mortgage Specialist (one of the largest producers in the Midwest). Recognizing the need for this unique loan, Mark started providing reverse mortgages in 2004 - making him a veteran in an industry where others are "jumping on the bandwagon". Previous experience includes 12 years as a financial analyst with Merrill Lynch and Bank of America.

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Estate Planning Expert

Alexis Martin Neely Alexis Martin Neely Personal Family Lawyer Alexis Martin Neely is the Personal Family Lawyer you love. As the founder of the Family Wealth Planning Institute, Alexis’ mission is to revolutionize the world of financial and estate planning for families and change the way Americans think about lawyers. After experiencing the devastation of documents only legal work and the impact of a failed estate plan in her own family and then discovering that is the norm today, Alexis knew she had to teach lawyers and families how to plan in a whole new way. Her passion for changing the industry’s standard has earned her recognition as a Super Lawyer Rising Star in Los Angeles Magazine and as one of Worth Magazine’s Top 100 Lawyers.

Senior Home Care Agency Expert

Dr. Doris Bersing, PhD Dr. Doris Bersing, PhD Living Well President & CEO Dr. Bersing is the founder and president of Living Well Assisted Living at Home. Doris is passionate about formulating the best practices in eldercare, and helping seniors to age in place: at home! She teaches in different universities in the San Francisco Bay Area and sits as a volunteer in different boards, including the Advisory Council for the UCSF Collaboration (Institute of Health & Aging; School of Medicine and the National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health; and Lesbian Health Research Center) and the Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland– Department of Psychiatry. Author of several books and articles, Doris is now preparing a book about feminism and ageism titled: Still a chance: from Crone to Mentor. Living Well offers specialized care for adults with chronic and debilitating conditions — like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, and mental illness — that compromise their ability to live safely in their homes, where they want to be. As the needs of this population grow more complex — especially when there is loss of memory or mobility — people search for meaningful and manageable solutions. And — as they understand the value of staying at home, the power of autonomy and the importance of community to longevity and health — people seek a new model for elder care. At Living Well, they are forging this new model.