Caregiverlist Background Check FAQs

Get a Background Check

How will I receive my purchased BACKGROUND CHECK?
Via the verified e-mail address you provided upon purchase of your Background Check.

Should I show my Background Check to a prospective Employer?
Offering a recent Background Check for review by an employer indicates that you understand the necessity of background checks for caregiving and are willing to comply with this requirement. It also demonstrates you have successfully passed a Background Check and will be “employable”, provided other needs are met.

Are arrest records always included?
No, some states and counties do not report arrest records, only actual convictions.

Why does the turnaround time for the Background Check take longer than a few days sometimes?
This is because some counties across the U.S.A. do not have automated reporting systems, either by choice or because they have not made the investment in technology. The Administrate Office of the Courts (AOC) includes county data and the Department of Corrections provides inmate records. In addition, the Sex Offender records come from each state’s Sex Offender registry.

What information is provided in the Criminal Super Search?
Felony and Misdemeanor records for 3 counties, including sex offender records, inmate records and arrest information. The results provided include only the instant data that is available. Counties that do not submit instant data will come back with a “recommendation” to do a Single County Search.

When should I do an Unlimited Single County Search?
If the Criminal Super Search Background Check comes back with a recommendation to do a Single Count Search, this means that the Super Search included counties which do not have instant data updates. The Single County Search will produce actual results from each county by pulling all the data which is not instantly updated, although this will mean an offline update (via telephone or in-person) to obtain the information and have it entered into the Background Check database for inclusion in your Background Check. This is why it can take from 5 to 14 business days to secure the information (people, not just computers, are obtaining and updating the information).

What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)?
The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) promotes the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of information in the files of consumer reporting agencies. There are many types of consumer reporting agencies, including credit bureaus and specialty agencies which provide criminal record checks and driving record checks for Senior Home Care Agencies. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates the FCRA.

Will I know if information in my file has been used against me?
Anyone who uses a credit report or another type of consumer report to deny your application for employment must tell you, and must give you the name, address, and phone number of the agency that provided the information.

Do Senior Home Care Agencies check my credit report?
Even though the background checks conducted by Senior Home Care Agencies are regulated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), most agencies do not conduct credit checks, only criminal record checks and sometimes driving record checks, if you will be required to drive a senior.

How can I find out what information is contained in my background check?
By law, you have the right to know what is in your file and may request and obtain all the information about you (your file disclosure). You are also entitled to a free file disclosure if:

  • a person has taken adverse action against you because of information in your credit report
  • you are the victim of identity theft and place a fraud alert in your file
  • your file contains inaccurate information as a result of fraud
  • you are on public assistance
  • you are unemployed but expect to apply for employment within 60 days

As of September, 2005, all consumers are entitled to one free disclosure every 12 months, upon request, from each nationwide credit bureau and from nationwide specialty consumer reporting agencies. For more information visit or you may write to:

Consumer Response Center
Room 130-A,
Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20580

If you are at all concerned about anything that may have happened in your past, the very best policy is to let the Senior Home Care Agency know, even before an interview is scheduled. Agencies are seeking caring, trustworthy individuals and will respect your honesty in disclosing items which may be considered irrelevant.

Single Source Services, a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), is a leading provider of background check information to Senior Home Care Agencies nationwide. Steven Albert, Manager at Single Source Services, says it is important that information comes from a valid reporting agency.

“In order for reports to be FCRA compliant, the information must be current and updated daily. Many of the database searches are not in real-time and may be 30-days old, at best”, says Mr. Albert. “For background checks to obtain live, accurate data, be sure you are contacting an authorized reporting agency”.