Caregiver Job Application Cover Letter

Write a Cover Letter to Share Your Experiences as a Caregiver

What information should a Caregiver Cover Letter Include:

  • Share why you were attracted to working as a caregiver (Did you first care for a family member? Were you injured or sick and required a caregiver for yourself?)
  • Address any issues which might be “red flags” in your job application or resume and provide the reason behind them (gaps in employment, your most recent job was in Florida but you now live in California, no professional work experience in caregiving).
  • Highlight any awards or professional achievements
  • Keep it short: 2 to 3 paragraphs maximum, fitting on one page
  • Connect for the future employer how your skills will directly benefit their company
  • Attach any certifications or training documentation

Apply for a Job as a Professional Caregiver

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