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Please Meet our Caregiver Winners - We Profile a Caregiver Each Week

Caregiver Job Refer-A-Friend Weekly Winner Nannette Hill - Congratulations!

Congratulations to Refer-a-Friend Job Application Winner week of March 10th 2014: Nannette Hill from Americus, GA

Congratulations to Caregiver Rachelle Hermanson winner of weekly Refer-a-Friend prize - 8-hour caregiver training program.  

Becoming a Senior Caregiver: What led Rachelle to a career in caregiving?

What led you to begin a career in caregiving? Family members needed care, could not afford caregiver services through an agency.

How many years have you been a caregiver? Eight years

What is one of your most memorable caregiving experiences? Family member health improve within six month as a result of care-giving services.

What has caregiving taught you? Patience, discipline, understanding someone else pain, the strength to go the distance.

How do you manage the stress that comes with caregiving? Meditation, exercise, understanding the need of others, and placing myself in their shoes.

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