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This is a collection of caregiving story submissions from our readers. Caregiving demands physical, mental and emotional stamina and the ability to meet new challenges daily. Both Family Caregivers and Professional Caregivers are able to find support by sharing their experiences with other Caregivers. We invite you to inspire others by sharing stories about your caregiving journey.
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Betsey Rotter Cared for by Carmen Matos of Chicago, IL

I took care of Ms. Betsey Rotter by feeding her, dressing her and bathing her. I changed her diapers, and I would groom her hair and paint her nails. I would take her out to the park. She loved to be out in the summer and go for a stroll in her wheelchair. She liked to watch the birds flying, and she loved the flowers. She new all the names of the flowers, even though she could only see out of one eye. But, she sure could see everything through that one eye. She also had a good appetite. ...

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My Grandpa Edwin J. Songy

Cared for by Ms. Brittany Songy of Metairie, LA

My Client Sandy Blessing and John Lonick

Cared for by Ms. Holly Miller of Mesa, AZ

In Memory Of Mrs. Gisela Crow

Cared for by Ms. Priscilla Mullinax of Anniston, AL

My Client Assisted Living

Cared for by Ms. Patricia Lenden of Sarasota, FL
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My Dad Jack Barnes

Cared for by Ms. Patty Barnes of Homestead, FL

In Memory Of Bill Foreman

Cared for by Ms. Carrie Hunter of Grand Rapids, OH

In Memory Of Mrs Piaquadio

Cared for by Mrs. Dottie Hill of Galeton, PA

My Grandma Edith Whidden

Cared for by Mrs. Jennifer Buchanan of Bessemer City, NC

My Mom Irene Marshall

Cared for by Mrs. Cornelia Reid of Greensboro, NC

In Memory Of Mildred Hall

Cared for by Ms. Maria Sevilla of Naples, FL
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