Certified Nursing Aide Jobs (C.N.A. Jobs)

Certified Nursing Aides or Certified Nursing Assistants continue to be in high demand. This is because of staffing requirements at senior care facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living communities and even hospitals, which require a minimum number of Certified Nursing Aides to be on staff based on the number of residents or patients needing care.

Long-term care insurance companies often require senior caregivers in the home to also be certified as a nursing assistant and to provide proof in the form of the certificate in order for the insurance policy to provide payment for care services.

Becoming a C.N.A. will guarantee ongoing employment and begin a career in nursing or senior care.

Find C.N.A. schools near you along with their admission requirements in the Caregiverlist C.N.A. School Directory.

Scholarships and tuition reimbursement by employers are often available for C.N.A. education. Speak with a C.N.A. school admissions officer to find out about tuition assistant programs.

C.N.A. Employment Opportunities:

  1. Senior Home Care Agencies (Licensed senior home care agencies often provide back-up staffing for hospitals, hospices and nursing homes)
  2. Nursing Homes (learn about C.N.A. to resident staffing levels in Caregiverlist’s nursing home ratings)
  3. Assisted Living Communities
  4. Hospices
  5. Hospitals

Apply for a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant or Caregiver on Caregiverlist, as professional senior care companies hire applicants each week.

You may begin your C.N.A. training by taking a 8-hour online professional caregiver training course and view a free sample C.N.A. exam or purchase a C.N.A. practice exam.