illinois Professional Senior Caregiver Training Requirements

Caregiver training in the senior care industry for professional caregiver employment is regulated by each state’s Department of Health. Training requirements for nursing homes, assisted living communities and senior home care agencies protect both seniors and caregivers.

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illinois Senior Caregiver Training Requirements

8 Hours of Professional Caregiver Training Required by State Law

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Special Requirements:

Professional senior caregivers must receive 8 hours of training during each year of employment based on either a calendar year or an anniversary date basis, whichever is selected by the agency.  The initial 8 hours of training required shall satisfy the annual training requirement for the home caregiver's first year of employment.  

The Illinois training requirement begin in 2008.

The Caregiverlist Illinois Basic Caregiver Training meets requirements established by the senior care industry and passed into legislation in many states.  Take the Basic Caregiver Training to be certified as a professional caregiver in Illinois.  Renewa the training each year by securing 8 hours of education on caregiving skills.

Pending Legislation:

No pending legislation.

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Caregiverlist Certified Caregiver Training provides a 8-hour online training course meeting the guidelines established by senior care industry professionals.

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Senior care companies will maintain their own caregiver training policies and provide caregiver training for each client along with training on age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Certified Nursing Aides must take a state-approved C.N.A. course and then successfully pass the state exam.