State Senior Caregiver Training Hourly Requirements

By-State Senior Caregiver Training Requirements for Professional Senior Caregivers

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Many states have not yet passed legislation to require a specific type of training for professional caregivers.  The training requirment for Certified Nursing Aides (C.N.A.'s) is a federal law and requires a state-approved C.N.A. course to be completed followed by a state exam.  While many would prefer the senior home care industry to be more regulated, in order to protect both seniors and caregivers, currently no national law to regulate professional caregiver training exists.  The national association for senior home care has hired lobbyists to propose training in the past and has been actively involved to advocate for state laws mandating a minimum requirement for caregiver training.  Meanwhile, the SEIU (Service Employees Internaional Union) has also proposed training in some states and was successful in Washington state.  

The Caregiverlist Basic Caregiver Training, powered by Caregiver Training University, meets the requirements the industry proposed for mandatory training in many states, including California and Illinois.  The Caregiverlist Training Directory provides a guideline for the state training requirements along with the name of the training and pending legislation.

26:   Number of States Requiring a Minimum Caregiver Training Course

5:     Fewest Number of Hours of Training Required in States with Mandated Training

75:   Maximum Number of Hours of Caregiver Training Required in Washington State

59:   How Much It Costs to obtain Basic Caregiver Training: $59

Legislation requiring specific minimum training for professional senior caregivers has been passed in 26 states and additional states have laws proposed for licensed senior home care agencies to require minimum training for caregiver employees.  The CTU Basic Caregiver Training meets the industry standards for initial caregiver training and follows the guidelines proposed by senior care companies as part of the national home care association’s efforts to require mandated state caregiver training.

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