Mississippi Background Check Fees

Review the counties and the fees below and only purchase a background check on an individual (or yourself) in this county if this fee is included.

Mississippi Courthouses Charging a Fee to Access Courthouse Criminal Records:

Purchase Social-Security-to-Name Verification Buy Now $8
Purchase Multi-County Criminal Background Check Buy Now $18
Purchase Background Check in County with Fee Buy Now $25 + Courthouse Fee

Senior Caregivers employed by professional senior care companies must pass an employment background check in order to be hired. Verification of the caregiver job applicant’s identity through a social-security-number-to-name-match are the first step in the process. The next step is to access courthouse criminal records which include arrest history and sex offender records.

Courthouses in some counties require a courthouse entry fee in order to obtain the criminal records for an individual (in order to do a criminal records search). If you are not paying the courthouse entry fee, you are not receiving the county criminal records for that individual. Even if you purchase a national background check, it will not include this information unless you pay the fee. Just like a night-club door fee - if you don’t pay the fee, you don’t get access. National computerized background checks simply cannot pull these records without paying the criminal courthouse access fee for the individual criminal records.

Sex offender records are automatically submitted to a national database and provided publicly in each local town or city.

About Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks include accessing county courthouse criminal records to verify the potential caregiver does not have arrests that would preclude them from working in senior care. The Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows for a look-back of 7 years but some states allow for a longer period of review if the person will be employed in certain industries, such as child care or senior care.

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