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Senior care companies in Nebraska are constantly hiring caregivers to meet a variety of staffing needs. As the senior population will double in the next 30 years and as advances in medicine and technology allow seniors to live longer, entering the field of senior caregiving guarantees ongoing employment.

What Senior Caregiving Positions are Available?
Part-time, full-time and live-in caregiving positions are available for Companion Caregivers, Certified Nursing Aides, Certified Home Health Aides and Certified Personal Care Assistants.

What Caregiving Experience is Required?
No experience is required for companion caregiver positions, except dependability and a compassionate personality. A minimum of 2 years experience may be required by some companies (personal experience is also recognized). Documents for the I-9 Employment Form is required.

What Types of Companies Hire Senior Caregivers?
Senior Home Care Agencies, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Communities, Continuing Care Communities, Hospices, Hospitals and Senior Day Care companies all hire senior caregivers.

Senior home care agency positions may be located in a senior’s home or in nursing homes, assisted living communities, hospitals or hospices.

How Do You Obtain Certifications?
You must attend an approved certified nursing aide, home health aide or personal care assistant program, perform clinical field work and pass the state certification exam. You may find certification programs in your state and learn about certified nursing aide job duties on Caregiverlist.

What Skills Do Certified Aides Learn?
Certified aides learn hands-on caregiving skills. You may take Caregiverlist’s official certified nursing aide Practice Test or just take our Sample Nursing Aide Test and answer the Question of the Day.

How Does Caregiverlist Connect Senior Caregivers with Jobs?
Senior Care Companies sometimes receive multiple new clients in one day and in order to keep up with staffing for current clients, along with new clients, and for hospitals and nursing homes to maintain the minimum staffing required for licensing, caregivers are interviewed and hired weekly. Caregiverlist provides senior care companies with sophisticated interactive tools to quickly review and match caregivers with their openings. Caregivers may submit 1 job application to reach multiple companies and resubmit after 30 days if a client passes away or if the senior no longer needs care services.

Note: Only licensed senior care companies who hire caregivers as employees meet Caregiverlist’s quality standards to participate, providing applicants with professional jobs with employee benefits.

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