Nursing Home Costs

As Medicare does not cover permanent, long-term stays in nursing homes, seniors in the U.S.A. must privately pay for their nursing home care. The U.S.A. does provide long-term care in a nursing home for very low-income seniors who qualify for Medicaid.

How much do nursing homes cost?

The daily price for nursing homes will range from $90 to $400 per day. Why the variation in rate? The price will depend upon:

  • Single or Double Room
  • Level of Skilled Care Needed
  • Location (Metro Area or Rural Area)
  • Ownership (Not-for-profit or for-profit)
  • Continuing Care Facility

Additional fees may be charged for personal services such as beauty salon visits, special meal services and activity excursions.

If you are in a situation where you will spend-down your assets paying for nursing home care, you may want to choose a nursing home which will allow you to stay when you transfer onto Medicaid payment. Some nursing homes will not accept Medicaid residents but they will allow private-pay residents who later go onto Medicaid to remain as residents.

Search for Nursing Homes in Your Area

Caregiverlist's Nursing Home Star Ratings allow you to search for nursing homes based on their annual health inspection report criteria along with the daily nursing home price for single and double rooms. You may also see the nursing homes ownership and acceptance of Medicare and Medicaid.