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Alexis Martin Neely Alexis Martin Neely Personal Family Lawyer Alexis Martin Neely is the Personal Family Lawyer you love. As the founder of the Family Wealth Planning Institute, Alexis’ mission is to revolutionize the world of financial and estate planning for families and change the way Americans think about lawyers. After experiencing the devastation of documents only legal work and the impact of a failed estate plan in her own family and then discovering that is the norm today, Alexis knew she had to teach lawyers and families how to plan in a whole new way. Her passion for changing the industry’s standard has earned her recognition as a Super Lawyer Rising Star in Los Angeles Magazine and as one of Worth Magazine’s Top 100 Lawyers.

Recent Questions Answered

Do I need an estate plan if I don’t have a lot of assets?

While the term “estate plan” seems to indicate planning is only necessary for people who have a lot of assets, that’s not the case. An estate plan is a set of instructions that lets your family know h...Continue

Instead of talking to a lawyer, can I just put my daughter’s name on all of my bank accounts and not worry about it.

Putting your child’s name on your bank accounts may not be the best idea. It is true that your bank accounts won’t go through the probate process if your daughter is on title to your account with you,...Continue

I’d like to give my son my house now, can I do that instead of waiting until I pass?

In most cases, I would not recommend that you give your house to your child while you are still living. There are a few reasons for this. First, if you give your son your house while you are living,...Continue

How can I protect my children's inheritance to make sure it can never be taken from them in a divorce or lawsuit.

It takes special planning to make sure that everything will pass to your children in a protected manner, so you absolutely want to consult with a lawyer to ensure this is being done right. The old way...Continue

I have estate planning documents I signed 5 years ago, is that fine?

A common (and unfortunate) misconception is that estate planning is something you can do once and never look at again. Estate planning is an ongoing process that should be reconsidered at least every ...Continue

What should I keep in mind when I select the executor of my will or power-of-attorney (and is there any difference between the two)?

The executor of your Will and the Agent under your Power of Attorney perform two very different functions, though many people do get them confused.  It may help to keep them straight if you und...Continue

I recently received do-it-yourself Estate Planning software. Will this be enough to protect my estate?

As a lawyer, it’s difficult for me to tell you that you can create your own legal documents.  If you don’t need me to create legal documents for you, I could end up out of a job!  But, the t...Continue

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