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Chris Lynch Chris Lynch MBA, CLTC, LTCP Chris has been involved with long term care for more than 16 years - first, as a caregiver for family members, then as an insurance agent specializing in long term care insurance. After first hand knowledge of experiencing the costs of care - financial as well as physical and emotional, Chris decided to devote his career to protecting individuals and families. He is an industry expert specializing in long term care insurance and recognized as one of the top 100 producers in the country. Chris has completed rigorous training in the latest products and programs to provide plans for individuals, families and businesses. He is passionate about his career and loves to help people sort through the various aspects of this important protection. Chris lives with his family in the San Francisco bay area and has clients throughout the state and the US.

Recent Questions Answered

What is long term care?

Long term care includes services such as home health care, rehabilitation, adult day care, care management, social services, assisted living, and nursing home services. Long term care services may be ...Continue

What is long term care insurance (LTCi)?

Long term care insurance helps families and individuals by providing money to pay for the costs of long term care.  Long term care insurance pays for services not generally covered by health insu...Continue

Is long term care insurance just for the elderly?

No, people of all ages may require long term care. There are numerous medical or physical conditions that frequently result in an individual requiring long term care services. Statistics show that 40 ...Continue

Isn't long term care insurance very expensive?

Like life insurance, the younger you are when you add this benefit to your financial plan, the less expensive it is. Your age at the time you purchase the insurance is the primary factor in determinin...Continue

When is the best age to buy long term care insurance?

First, a person needs to apply and go through medical underwriting to be approved for this type of insurance.  Your health will determine whether or not you can qualify.  The younger that yo...Continue

What are the advantages of the new hybrid life/LTC products?

Traditional long term care insurance policies provide a certain amount of selected coverage for policyholders. Policies are designed to cover care expenses for a few months, or much longer, even pro...Continue

What expenses are not typically covered by Long Term Care Insurance?

Expenses that are not usually covered are specific to each policy type and sometimes by state.  This is where working with a long term care specialist can be of tremendous benefit to you an...Continue

I have some pre-existing health problems. Will I be able to find any Long Term Care Insurance?

Your situation is fairly common.  Many people only investigate long term care coverage when they learn of a medical condition that may predispose them to needing care.  Fortunately, some c...Continue

This is perhaps the opposite of a long-term care question--mine deals with terminal care: Does my elderly father qualify for hospice care through Medicare?

--Editor's note: we fielded this question to our friends at Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care, a leading Chicago, Illinois hospice which has worked with Senior Living Expert clients.Yes, hospice car...Continue

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