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Keith Shevlin Keith Shevlin Founder & President, Pinnacle Senior Home Care, Monthly Agency Guest Expert Keith is the Founder of Pinnacle Homecare; an owner operated Senior Home Care Agency specializing in providing Caregivers and Case Management for seniors. Service is customized to each individual’s needs and Caregivers are provided based on the competency & compatibility suitable to the skill level, experience, and disposition applicable to a particular assignment. After continuously witnessing an assembly line approach to senior care, Keith felt there was a better way of delivering quality & dependable care by enabling an individual to remain in their home while receiving the proper assistance they need. Previous experience includes establishing and managing Liberty Healthcare Services, a home healthcare entity in Trenton, N.J., for five years. Keith also has assisted in the development of other agencies prior to launching Pinnacle Senior Home Care.

Recent Questions Answered

Do Senior Home Care Agencies hire caregivers who have no formal training?

Yes, we are always looking for trustworthy individuals who have an understanding of the challenges presented in daily living for those suffering from medical conditions caused by aging or other diseas...Continue

What should I look for when selecting a Senior Home Care Agency to help a loved one?

There are several things to be aware of when going through the selection process of a Senior Home Care Agency for a friend or family member.  Here are three items worth considering: First, Y...Continue

Can I be hired on a temporary basis until I finish my master's degree in Social Work?

Congratulations on pursuing your master's degree in Social Work. Working as a Caregiver will give you immeasurable experience. We are always looking for part-time Caregivers, as oftentimes we have...Continue

What does live-in care mean? Do Caregivers move-in with the client?

Live-in care refers to care provided by a Caregiver who spends the night with the client, but is able to sleep during the night. Although the Caregiver’s sleep may need to be interrupted at night to...Continue

Is there a Client Assessment completed prior to the start of service and if so, what does it involve?

Most providers will typically send a representative out to a client’s home to conduct an initial assessment. This usually involves getting some feedback on the client’s condition and what their needs ...Continue

I have been seriously considering becoming a nurses aid. I took care of my mother for many years till she passed on. I work as a secratary at a law firm and frankly I'm not happy. I thought my job would be fulfilling and help people. I have many family members who are NA's and they love it. I know it's very hard work my mother was a nurse. Can you please tell me how I may become an NA and get my certifcation. It would be part time of course for I still work at the office from 8 to 5 pm mon-fri. In case you want to know, I'm 42 years old and in good physical heatlh. If someone can help me or guide me in the right directon it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, Ms. Perezarce

Hi, Definitely you should find a C.N.A. class in your area. Part-time C.N.A. courses are offered and sometimes you can even receive financial aid or reimbursement of your tuition by the company that...Continue

Hello. I have a BSW along with several years of management experience. I am a stay-at-home Mom but would love to work some part-time flexible hours. I was wondering how many hours a week are required to fill one of these positions?

Yes, part-time caregivers are always needed as many seniors start senior care service part-time at first, especially those with memory loss. Submit your application on Caregiverlist to be considered b...Continue

I took care of my Mom (cancer)before she died and my sister after surgery, but have no CNA training. I possess a BA in human development. Would I qualify as a live-in paid caregiver?

Yes, some of the best professional caregivers came to the industry after having personal experience helping a friend or family member. You may also take the online caregiver training course to begin ...Continue

Hi, Will the training course certification allow me to get a job at a nursing home?

Caregiverlist's online basic training prepares caregiver to work for senior home care agencies. Most nursing homes require you to be a Certified Nursing Aide.

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