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California Professional Senior Caregiver Training Requirements

Caregiver training in the senior care industry for professional caregiver employment is regulated by each state’s Department of Health. Training requirements for nursing homes, assisted living communities and senior home care agencies protect both seniors and caregivers.

Review the California caregiver training requirements apply professional caregiving jobs near you.

California Senior Caregiver Training Requirements

10 Hours of Professional Caregiver Training Required by State Law

Special Requirements:

CALIFORNIA CAREGIVER TRAINING MANDATES:    Article 8.Affiliated Home Care Aides 1796.44 requires licensed home care agencies to provide home care aides with a minimum of 5 hours of entry-level training prior to presence with a client, which includes 2 hours of orientation training regarding the role of a caregiver and the terms of employment and 3 hours of safety training including basic safety precautions, emergency procedures, and infection control.  In addition, a minimum of 5 hours of annual training related to core competencies and shall include information on:

  • client’s rights and safety
  • how to provide for and respond to a client’s daily living needs
  • how to report, prevent and detect abuse and neglect
  • how to assist a client with personal hygiene and other home care services
  • how to safely transport a client if transportation services are provided

Training may be provided through an online training program.

Review Article 8. Affiliated Home Care Aides 1796.44 law for complete details.

Take Online California Caregiver Training Course to become Certified as California Senior Caregiver 

Pending Legislation:

Similar to the state of Washington, both the association for senior home care agencies in California and the union (SEIU) were instrumental in proposing and lobbying for senior caregiver training.  The final law was passed in 2014, amended in the California Senate on June 16, 2014, amended in the California Assembly on April 22nd and again on May 7, 2014.  The law begins requiring professional caregivers to have 5 hours of training followed by another 5 hours of trainng starting in 2015 and the law will be enforced by state auditors, etc., beginning in January, 2016.

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Caregiverlist Certified Caregiver Training provides a 8-hour online training course meeting the guidelines established by senior care industry professionals.

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Senior care companies will maintain their own caregiver training policies and provide caregiver training for each client along with training on age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Certified Nursing Aides must take a state-approved C.N.A. course and then successfully pass the state exam.

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