Caregiving Story

Marie Hellen, My Client

Location:Beverly Hills, CA
Cared for by:Violet Fultz
Years of Care:2


At the time I had a friend that worked with Marie Monday through Friday and I took care of her on the weekends. It became something I looked forward to. She really liked that I would take the time to read to her and massage her legs to improve her circulation.

We would talk for hours. She loved talking about her life when she was young. I thought it was just her being lonely, but she appreciated that I would take the time not only to take care of her, but also to just listen to her. She would tell me how I should become a nurse and that she would some day put me through nursing school. Of course I would agree and we would laugh about it.

Then one day, I remember it was a gloomy day, I got a call from my friend. Marie Hellen had passed away and I still, to this day, miss our long conversations. I was never able to go to nursing school because I was a single parent with four children, but I always said that when my children grew up I would look into taking care of the elderly. I feel that in addition to taking care of their medical needs, they also need someone that will take the time to listen.

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