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This is a collection of caregiving story submissions from our readers. Caregiving demands physical, mental and emotional stamina and the ability to meet new challenges daily. Both Family Caregivers and Professional Caregivers are able to find support by sharing their experiences with other Caregivers. We invite you to inspire others by sharing stories about your caregiving journey.
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Sherina Selimaj Cared for by Liri Selimaj of Patos, AL

Mama Sherina was a great woman. She was full of positive energy and wisdom. Her condition did not stop her from living the life she loved so much with her seven children and 24 grandchildren. When I met my husband and he told me about his mother's condition, I couldn't help but feel very sorry for the woman. I loved my husband and he loved me very much. That helped me be stronger, even though I was a little scared to be living with his disabled mother and not knowing if I would be able to ca...

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My Client Patrcia Chiles

Cared for by Mrs. Myisha Sidney of Chicago, IL
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In Memory Of Jerry

Cared for by Mrs. Jerold Cohen of Los angeles, CA

My Client

Cared for by Mr. Alla R of Elizabeth, NJ

My "Adopted" Grandparent Maryetta McKenny

Cared for by Ms. Yvonne Watson of Stockbridge , GA
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My Dear Friend Esther Melen

Cared for by Ms. Donnette Mathieson of Brooklyn, NY
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My "Adopted" Grandparent Bill

Cared for by Ms. Shana Coughlin of Flint, Michigan, MI
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My Dear Friend Van

Cared for by Ms. Kirsten Greene of Berkeley, CA
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In Memory Of Kay

Cared for by Mrs. Raylene Lamontagne of Amesbury , MA
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My Client breck homes

Cared for by Ms. Crystal Robinson of Minneapolis, MN
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My Grandma lacy bowen

Cared for by Mrs. Erica Bowen of Detroit, MI
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